Humble Beginnings Part II

Alright everyone as promised. Bunya mentioned that he would finish with how I got started. Where was I? Yes, I was telling you that I had went to college in America and finished with a degree in Business. I knew that I had always wanted to start my own company but I just didn’t know exactly what in?

I spent many days researching online for an idea of what I could have an interest in and be good at but I was having a very hard time! I even took many career tests and many skill tests to see what I was good at but they didn’t help whatsoever. I could herd a goat like no ones business but in America, no one needs a great goat herder and it wouldn’t make me enough money to live on.

I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because I felt as though I had left my family down! My parents sacrificed so much so that their son could better himself and here I was working at a local coffee shop just to make ends meat. I hated what I did and I cried out to God to help me find what I was called to do! Needless to say, I was very frustrated…

It was not until I started giving up my ambition and praying about it that my life would change for the better. Our pastor back in Kenya would mention that we should always have faith no matter what the circumstance and that God’s way is always higher and better than ours. He meant that sometimes we think that we know best and try to rush/force things to happen when really, we need to always consult with God first because he always has the best in mind.

I learned this lesson the hard way because without even looking for it, God answered my prayers. A very nice man, by the name of Bob came in the coffee shop one day and started talking to me about my day. I was not really in the mood to talk because I was going through a lot but this man was so friendly and nice, that it was certainly easy to open up.

We talked quite a bit about Kenya, because Bob was actually on a mission trip over there a couple of years ago and he mentioned how much he loved being there! We ended up talking for 2 hours and when it was his time to leave… He leaned over and slipped me his business card and said to give him a call. The card said Auto Glass Plano TX, which had his full title and name.

I was actually very intrigued so the next day, I gave Bob a call and to my surprise he offered me a job to apprentice under him! I was so excited to do something else besides make lattes all day and he offered me a very generous pay! Fast forward 6 years later, Bob taught me everything he knew about auto glass repair and I was actually encouraged by him to start my own business because he knew that I could do very well.

I took him up on that and as a agreement, I moved to a different area so that we would not be competing against one another. Bb and I to this day remain great friends and actually go to the same church. He is a godly man that told me years later, that he felt lead by the Lord to offer me a job and that is history and how grateful I am for a loving God and Bob!



Auto Glass Special! Today – Friday!!!

Hey everyone, I want to let everyone know that I will be having a special as of today! For the first 10 customers that walk through my door at Bunya’s Auto Glass Shop, will get their service done for 50% percent off! Yes, that means any kind of replacement or repair for half off!

This special only goes for today through Friday so be sure to get in and mention the special that I have here on my blog site! Thank you for your business and may you have a wonderful day!



Humble Beginnings.

Hello everyone and I truly appreciate you visiting this blog about my insight and life within opening my auto glass shop. Today I want to discuss my humble beginnings and hopefully use this story as a platform to help motivate anyone out there that might be facing a challenge in life because the truth is that we all face challenges each and every day.

Well my story began while I was 18 and coming to America. Yes, kind of like Eddie Murphy except I was not secretly a rich prince but honestly dirt poor! My parents wanted the very best for me and in Kenya, there is not much of an opportunity to better yourself and your kind of stuck in a poor man’s world.

Fortunately my father and mother worked very hard to help better their child and I owe everything unto them. I remain extremely humble despite what I have now because I am no better than anyone and I am blessed beyond measure by the grace of god.

At the age of 18, I was enrolled at a credited university in the great country of America and boy were my parents proud especially seeing the son of a sheep herder go off to college for business! After 4 years, I earned my business degree and soon started seeking a way to create my own business and that is were I shall leave off for part 1 of my story. God Be with you!



Welcome To Bunya’s Auto Glass!

Hey Everyone and welcome to my auto glass shop site! This blog is to give you an inside look on what it is like running a proper auto glass installation company and the headaches and pains that go with it! My name is Bunya Sufiyo and I am originally from Kenya but I have been living in America for over 18 years and I can honestly say that I am very proud of this country and the opportunity that it has given unto me and my family.

Please join me as I tell you a little about myself and hopefully inspire future migrant entrepreneurs to chase their dreams in the great land of America!